Jack H. Schonely

Apprehending Fleeing Suspects

Jack Schonely has been working as a law enforcement officer for over 29 years, and he is a nationally recognized expert in the area of suspect tactics and perimeter containment. Jack Schonely is the author of the book Apprehending Fleeing Suspects; Suspect Tactics and Perimeter Containment©.

Jack Teaching in San Diego Jack Teaching in San Diego Jack Teaching in San Diego

Jack Schonely has participated in over 2,000 perimeter containments during his career, and he has seen many successes and failures. He has shared his experience with thousands of law enforcement officers across the United States and Canada instructing on this topic. Jack is a member of the International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association (ILEETA).

This site contains information about Jack Schonely, his tactics training seminars and his book.

Please be advised that the training seminars are for sworn law enforcement and military personnel only.

Jack's Book

Jack's Book“This book [Apprehending Fleeing Suspects] is one of the most comprehensive and to the point manuscripts that I have had the pleasure to review in my 38 years of law enforcement. Apprehending Fleeing Suspects is the 'how-to', 'nuts and bolts' of field enforcement tactics and is not only focused on suspect apprehension, but on officer safety. A must read for the professional police officer.”

Mike Hillmann, Deputy Chief (retired)
Los Angeles Police Department